At Assistance Animal Consulting, we offer aid and resources to healthcare providers, handlers and subscribers, organizations, and veterinarians.



Thinking of prescribing an assistance animal? We’re here to help! Consulting with a veterinarian not only benefits your  patient but the animal as well. We’ll develop a plan of action for the patient as well as the assistance animal and prepare your team for the entire assistance animal process.


We guide, educate, and advocate for those who depend on an assistance animal. Our consultants provide veterinary oversight and guidance to both handlers and subscribers by addressing the health and welfare of the assistance animal. We also provide training resources and information regarding our right to access public spaces.



Through our Assistance Animal Education (AAE) program, we create custom courses to guide schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities who interact with assistance animals. Education is vital in facilitating assistance animal programs and general interaction. With recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association, we assist in creating guidelines, standards, and best practices for assistance animal programs and interactions.


Does your clinic have clients requesting that their pets be “certified” as support or service animals? Do you feel confident when discussing the differences between emotional support and service animals? Let Assistance Animals Consulting help you! Through our referral program, our team of licensed veterinarians will work with you, the primary care veterinarian, to manage animal-assisted intervention strategies to ensure the animal's health and well-being.