Our primary responsibility is the assistance animal’s health and well-being. It’s our duty to advocate for the animals being considered for human-animal intervention treatment plans.

We advocate by promoting assistance animals' well-being, protecting their overall mental and physical health, and preventing animal suffering to form a mutually beneficial human-animal bond. 

How we advocate for assistance animals
  • Promoting assistance animal well-being

  • Protecting the overall mental and physical health of assistance animals

  • Preventing animal suffering

  • Forming a mutually beneficial human-animal bond relationship

How we help protect assistance animals

Assistance Animal Evaluations

  • Providing guidance and education on the assistance animal’s basic life needs

  • Providing guidance and education of the veterinary medical needs of the assistance animal

  • Guiding the assistance animal’s obedience skills

  • Providing guidance on the assistance animal’s temperament and behavior traits

Human-Animal Interaction Evaluations

  • Serving as a guide to assess the mutual benefits of the human-animal bond

  • Serving as a guide to assess overall human-animal interactions


Contact us to learn more about how we advocate for assistance animals and help protect their health and well-being.