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An Advocate for Assistance Animals

It is necessary to provide general education on assistance animals to create a successful relationship for both human and animal. We work with a multitude of people and organizations to familiarize them with the different types of assistance animals and their needs. As veterinarians, our responsibility is to advocate for the assistance animal. It is also our duty to protect the health and well-being of assistance animals. Our mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond and develop positive human-animal interactions.


How we advocate for assistance animals
  • By promoting assistance animal well-being

  • By protecting the overall mental and physical health of assistance animals

  • By preventing animal suffering

  • For a mutually beneficial human-animal bond relationship


How we help protect assistance animals


Assistance Animal Evaluations

  • Provides guidance and education on the assistance animal’s basic life needs

  • Provides guidance and education of the veterinary medical needs of the assistance animal

  • Provides guidance on the assistance animal’s obedience skills

  • Provides guidance on the assistance animal’s temperament and behavior traits

Human-Animal Interaction Evaluations

  • Provides a guide to assess the mutual benefits of the human-animal bond

  • Provides a guide to assess overall human-animal interactions


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