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When Doctors Make Referrals to Assistance Animals Consulting

There are many reasons why a physician may want to send a referral to our team. We can help provide additional guidance and resources with service dogs, emotional support animals, therapy animals, and other types of assistance animals. We specialize in working with these special animals and the humans they support and can coordinate an effective care plan with you.

One concern that we can alleviate for physicians and their patients is discerning the difference between legal definitions depending on the type of service animal or support animal they would like to include in their treatment plan.

For example, the evaluation and certification of an ESA go hand-in-hand. Our staff can help you and your patient identify the best breed for their lifestyle. If an animal is already being considered we can determine if they have the right temperament for the role. Do they have any conditions that may hinder them from being effective as an ESA? Does the human-animal bond need to be strengthened? If so, how?

Once you’ve determined that an ESA is ideal to help your patients cope with their mental and/or emotional conditions, Assistance Animal Consulting is here to help answer those questions and more.

Referring a patient is as easy as filling out a quick online form.

For Evaluation

The relationship between your patient and their support animal can be beneficial for both. Through proper evaluation Assistance Animal Consulting will help to ensure the optimal level of effectiveness for any treatment plan.

Evaluation can help your patient answer questions such as, “What type of ESAs are best suited for my way of living?” or “How do I make adjustments to get the best results?”

All animal intervention programs should be governed by basic standards and monitored regularly. Through careful evaluation, we ensure both the general well-being of the aminal and the efficacy of the human-animal pairing.

We thoroughly evaluate the overall health and well-being of the animal, screening for risk factors that may cause zoonotic diseases and conditions that may hinder the ability of the animal to perform in an assistance or service role.

The home and environment play a big role in how effective an ESA can be as well. We evaluate the home and lifestyle of the patient, offering guidance on how to adjust to life with an ESA.

For an ESA Certification Letter

Documentation of an ESA is important. Without it, your patient may be subject to arbitrary limitations.

An ESA certification letter will allow ESA’s access to places they may not normally be permitted. An ESA Certification letter removes barriers such as landlords with strict pet policies.

At Assistance Animal Consulting we guide your patient through the entire process of evaluation and certification so that they can receive the full benefit of an Emotional Support Animal.

Make a Referral to Assistance Animal Consulting

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