Veterinarians protect the health and well-being of assistance animals to prevent animal suffering

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In my work as a veterinarian, I understand one of the responsibilities of my profession is to prevent animal suffering. In honor of Animals Rights Awareness Week, Assistance Animals Consulting is discussing how our veterinarians protect the health and well-being of assistance animals to prevent animal suffering.

As veterinarians, it is our responsibility to ensure and protect the overall mental and physical health of working animals. We provide these protections by providing guidance and education of the many veterinary needs of the working animal; to all individuals who play a role in supporting the working animal’s health and wellness.

A working animal must remain healthy and well to effectively assist in its therapy program. At Assistance Animals Consulting, we begin our educational, guidance and collaborative process once it is first decided human-animal intervention is needed or wanted. Our veterinarians will remain an active participant in your therapy program until human-animal intervention is no longer needed.

The veterinarians at Assistance Animals Consulting will provide a preventative care program to safely ensure proper healthcare standards are met for any animal participating in an human-animal intervention program. Our veterinarians will facilitate and monitor the preventative care and vaccination recommendations for your working animal. The veterinarians at Assistance Animals Consulting will also provide regular routine animal evaluations to ensure the health of the working animal while it is participating in an intervention program. Our veterinarians have created a Point Strategy to protect the animals working in different institutions. This Point Strategy was created to ensure these working animals are being treated humanely and are enhancing the power of the human animal bond.

As veterinarians, we are the voice of the working animals. At Assistance Animals Consulting, we advocate for the health and well-being of working animals. We physically evaluate the working animal as to prevent animal suffering. Lastly, we partner with a multitude of professionals to ensure and maintain a mutually beneficial human-animal relationship.

At Assistance Animals Consulting, we are veterinarians, recognized experts uniquely qualified to serve the community by providing resources for education, behavioral understanding, and guidance regarding working animals. We believe working animals have rights too! We are their advocates! Contact us and will will be an advocate for your assistance animal.

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