Vet to Vet

Dr Rhesa Houston, DVM

In my work as a veterinarian, I understand one of the responsibilities of my profession is to provide veterinary care to working animals such as service dogs, emotional support animals as well as companion animals used in pet therapy programs. Today with #LetsTalkTuesday, Assistance Animals Consulting is discussing how we support and collaborate with other veterinarians and veterinary teams who need additional education, support and guidance regarding assistance animals.

Let’s talk, Vet to Vet!

Has your hospital or clinic been receiving more calls from clients wanting to know how to get a service dog or certify their pet as an emotional support animal? Do you know the definition and difference between a service dog and emotional support animal? Is your hospital seeing an increase in patients which are true prescribed service dogs or emotional support animals? Have you had to fill out veterinary forms for a patient that is being used on a pet therapy team? Have you had to fill out veterinary forms for traveling service dogs or emotional support animals? Did you feel confident in your medical documentation regarding working animals? As a veterinarian are you knowledgeable about the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Air Carries Act to provide educational support for your clients? How are you supporting and engaging with you clients with disabilities using working animals?

At Assistance Animals Consulting, we as a veterinarian driven organization want you as our veterinary colleagues to feel educated and empowered with supporting your clients who use working animals. We have developed an educational platform to assist you in answering all the questions listed above plus more! We want you to know how to effectively communicate with your clients and provide needed education to reduce or prevent service dog fraud.

As healthcare providers continue to use alternative forms of therapy to assist and support the care of their patients, we will continue to see an increase in assistance animals such as service dogs, emotional support animals and pet therapy teams. As veterinarians, you need to know how to support your clients with and without disabilities using assistance animals!

Assistance Animals Consulting, we collaborate, evaluate, educate and advocate for successful human animal partnerships and interactions. Our veterinarians are here to support you and your hospital team. Contact us, let’s talk about how we can support you!




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