Tips for Airline Travel with Your Service Animal - Video Interview

In this interview, we will discuss some specific requirements and considerations for airline travel with your service animal from an industry insider.

Dr. Rhesa Houston, the founder of Assistance Animals consulting had a chance to interview Dr. Nelva Bryant, an airline industry Veterinarian. Her former role as the Staff Veterinarian at Delta allowed her to gain additional insight into the process of airline travel with service animals. She also worked with the CDC and as clinical veterinarian for 15 years. Dr. Bryant has since launched her own consulting agency DVM Transportation Consultants that supports airlines, veterinarians, and animal owners with airline travel education and planning. You can follow the Facebook group When Pets Fly to connect with Dr. Bryant. When considering international travel keep in mind that each country may differ in terms of rules and requirements for traveling with service animals. Before departure, a great resource for finding out about specific rules and requirements by country can be found at Watch the video interview below to learn more about the requirements and considerations for traveling safely by air with your service animal.

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