The link between human-animal interaction and healthy aging

Healthy Aging Research

the link between human-animal interaction and healthy aging

#WhatsHappeningWednesday?! Assistance Animals Consulting is sharing an article from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), which discusses how scientific research is demonstrating the link between human-animal interaction and healthy aging.

This article shares findings from independent research studies. These research studies have found strong pet attachment was associated with less depression among elderly people and Animal Assisted Therapy can reduce loneliness in residents of long-term care facilities. This article also highlights a brief trial in Australia which found nursing home residents who visited with a dog reported less fatigue, tension, confusion and depression.

Lastly, a brief synopsis is given regarding a HABRI-FUNDED research project on the effects of therapy dog visitation in elderly intensive care unit patients. The goal of this research project is to assess the preliminary efficacy of a 10-minute therapy dog visit in reducing biobehavioral stress responses including anxiety and salivary cortisol levels.

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