Temperament testing is a critical step when prescribing an assistance animal

Every working animal must have suitable temperament and behavior for public access. As a prescribing physician of a working animal, it is important to have sound assurance and proof they are trained to behave in public. Temperament testing provides a means for evaluating temperament and behavior, giving insight into the working animal’s behavior. When part of a multidisciplinary health care team, veterinarians will provide temperament testing specifically targeted towards dogs to assess for behaviors or suitability as an assistance animal with increased pubic access.

Targeted testing measures various aspects of temperament such as:

  • friendliness

  • stability

  • shyness

  • aggressiveness

  • the dog’s natural protective behavior

A dog is also evaluated for unwanted or potentially dangerous behavioral traits such as:

  • aggressiveness towards other dogs or humans

  • shyness

  • extreme fear

Temperament testing helps with educating the patient (the handler) on their dog’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses.

Assistance Animals Consulting is a company with licensed veterinarians, specializing in evaluating any dog being considered as an assistance animal for therapeutic purposes. Upon completion of a thorough evaluation, we provide the prescribing physician and patient written documentation detailing the working animal’s needs for additional training, and provide a framework for re-evaluations. We will also provide written documentation of the working animal’s behavior and temperament being appropriate for full public access.

Contact Assistance Animal Consulting to learn more about our multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and temperament testing.

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