Know Someone Who Wants a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal?

How do I get my service animal certified as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)? What’s the best breed for my lifestyle? What do I do if I want to take my support animal on a flight with me? What If my landlord doesn’t allow service animals? I’ve never owned a pet before, what adjustments do I need to make before bringing my ESA home?

If you have a friend, family member, or loved one who is considering an Emotional Support Animal you’ve probably been bombarded with a thousand questions you just don’t have all the answers to. Or maybe you are the one with all the questions. That’s okay, here at Assistance Animal Consulting, we have the answers and a referral is as easy as filling out an online form.

We specialize in certifying, evaluating, and caring for service animals, therapy animals, and emotional support animals. But just as importantly, we dedicate ourselves to advocating for these special animals and the humans they support each day.

We’re passionate about removing the barriers that hinder these animals from being the best companion they can be. Often that starts with answering the many questions that those seeking their support might have.

One of the first concerns most people have before seeking the support of an ESA is the barriers they may encounter. They worry about boarding flights, housing, and other common areas where animals are not permitted. Fortunately, this is an issue that is easily solved with an ESA Certification Letter. You can read about the process here or book a consultation to go over all of your questions at once.

Another common question is whether or not your lifestyle is suited for an ESA. The answer to that is compatibility depends on the type and breed of the animal. We thoroughly evaluate the animal's working environment, temperament, and human-animal bond during our strategic evaluation. If you or your loved one doesn’t have an animal in mind just yet, book a consultation, and we’ll help narrow it down.

No matter what stage of the process you are in, Assistance Animal Consulting is here to help. We’ll guide you from start to finish to get your ESA certified, answer your burning questions and help you push through any barriers you may have.

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