• Dr. Kandace Jordan

How Veterinarians Can Make Referrals to Assistance Animals Consulting

We genuinely appreciate client referrals and have established the new Assistance Animals Consulting Referral Program & Preferred Provider Network as a way to share this appreciation with everyone.

There are many reasons why a veterinarian may want to send a referral to our team. We can help provide additional guidance and resources with service dogs, emotional support animals, therapy animals, and other types of assistance animals. We specialize in working with these special animals and the humans they support and can coordinate an effective care plan with you.

If you are interested in sending a referral you can do so using the form here: Make a Referral to Assistance Animals Consulting We also recently added a new resource for providers, and are happy to announce our Preferred Provider Network.

We appreciate patient referrals and also want to provide the best resources for the patients we serve as well. With this in mind, we created the AAC Preferred Provider Network. This is a professional network for veterinarians, physicians, and service animal trainers. This group is designed for peer-to-peer referrals, knowledge sharing, and support. We have a forum for the group to share experiences and guidance with each other.

We often receive questions from our patients about how to get a service animal prescription and more. When we do we want to be able to connect them with preferred providers in their area. We are excited to build this network and truly hope you will join us as we provide this resource for each other professionally and as a service to the communities we serve. We'd love to have you join us.


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