Celebrate Therapy Animal Day

The older I get the more I’m reminded of the importance of surrounding myself with positive people. This journey of life has led me to become an independent business owner/entrepreneur. It has been exciting, scary, exhilarating and emotional beyond words.

In this short span of six months of being an entrepreneur, I’ve learned the importance of surrounding myself with individuals who are doing better than me. These are the people who have been willing to reach down and pull me up. I’ve learned it is also important to surround myself with positive people who may or may not see my vision, but are willing to put me on their backs or shoulders and push me up. For me, it doesn’t matter if you are pushing or pulling, as long as I’m upward bound.

Abraham Hicks, a strong positive influence in my life says in so many words “… allow life to take you onto the path of least resistance. If you can imagine life as stream, water flows through a stream with ease. Whenever water comes across a large rock that impedes its flow, water does not try to push the rock out of the way. Water simply finds the path of least resistance and flows with ease around the rock.”

The path of least resistance has led me to create Assistance Animals Consulting. As a consulting firm of veterinarians, we are recognized experts, and uniquely qualified to serve the community in an interdisciplinary role, by providing resources for education, behavioral understanding and guidance to optimize the human animal bond.

Assistance Animals Consulting allows me to combine my life’s passion and purpose of advocating for animals and helping people. Assistance Animals Consulting serves as a resource to guide all people, professionals, and institutions engaging in therapy animal programs.

Today, April 30th let’s celebrate!! Happy Therapy Animal Day!!

Rhesa Houston, DVM

Founder, Assistance Animals Consulting

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