Be not afraid of going slowly...

"Be not afraid of going slowly. Be only afraid of standing still." - Chinese Proverb


“Be not afraid of going slowly. Be only afraid of standing still.”

~Chinese Proverb

Assistance Animals Consulting was created with the guided focus for veterinarians to help bridge the gap of education and understanding for doctors prescribing working animals, patients and organizations using working animals and the public at large interacting with working animals. These working animals are service dogs, emotional support animals as well as therapy animals. We will keep moving forward one step at a time, bridging this gap of education and understanding no matter how slow. Slow forward movement is better than no movement at all. Assistance Animals Consulting is an organization of veterinarians, recognized experts uniquely qualified to serve the community by providing resources for education, behavioral understanding, and guidance regarding working animals. Our veterinarians are here to support you. We are here to help you make it happen!




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Assistance Animals Consulting

is based in Birmingham, AL.
We provide veterinary services, education, and pet telemedicine appointments. We're specialized in care for service animals and ESAs.

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