AAC Statement on Ending Institutional Racism and Systemic Oppression

At Assistance Animals Consulting our mission is to educate and advocate for the health and well-being of assistance animals; however, as a company, we have and always will advocate for equality and justice for all.  As conscientious members of society who understand the long history of racism as well as the value of social change and social justice movements, we support and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement.  We are committed to doing our part in educating, promoting, and advocating for the human rights of Black and Brown communities as well as other marginalized groups.    At AAC we seek to end all forms of institutional racism and oppression in order to bring about the systemic change that will move America forward. To demonstrate our commitment to promoting and advancing racial and social justice within the veterinary community, AAC will implement the following 3 initiatives:

  • We will educate the public on systemic racism within the veterinary profession.

  • We will use our resources, capital and network to build the Black DVM Network.

  • Through our partnership with Kaliráh Strategies, we will promote strategic philanthropy among veterinarians through the #YouMatter Fund: Be the Change, which will invest in community organizations focused on addressing racial/social justice issues.

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