A working animal’s health and wellness is vital

A working animal must remain healthy and well to effectively assist its owner. A preventative care program designed by a veterinarian is the best way to safely ensure proper healthcare standards are met.

It is important for the prescribing physician of an assistance animal to be able to address and document the health and wellness of a patient’s animal partner. A true and effective collaborative healthcare team will be able to address the issues related to the patient including the animal component.

The veterinarians on a multidisciplinary healthcare team will tailor a program of vaccinations and preventative healthcare. This process maintains a lifetime of disease protection and partners with the patient’s veterinary hospital of choice to facilitate the working animal’s medical needs.

Our goal in facilitating preventative care and vaccination recommendations for the working animal is to help the healthcare team with the following:

  1. Assess and review the animal’s preventative care health records, prior to authorizing for full public access

  2. Guard against many common preventable illnesses

  3. Prevent diseases that can be passed from animal to animal but also zoonotic diseases

  4. Align with local or state ordinance requirements

Assistance Animals Consulting is your partner to address the health concerns regarding the working animal. Collaborate with us on preventative care to maintain a working animal's health and wellness for the patient and general public. Contact Assistance Animal Consulting to learn more about our preventative care program and more ways we can help.

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