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Assistance Animals Consulting collaborates with healthcare providers, handlers, organizations, and veterinarians; is a resource for assistance animal guidance and education; provides strategic evaluations for assistance animals; and is an advocate for assistance animal's health and well-being.


It is necessary to provide general education on assistance animals to create a successful relationship for both human and animal. We work with a multitude of people and organizations to familiarize them with the different types of assistance animals and their needs. As veterinarians, our responsibility is to advocate for the assistance animal. Our mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond and develop positive human-animal interactions.


Navigating the legal rights and responsibilities of having a assistance animal can be confusing. We provide guidance and understanding of public rights of access laws, fair housing accommodation, and traveling requirements with an assistance animal. We provide the education and resources needed to be an empowered, informed, and responsible assistance animal handler.


Our overall health and welfare assessment of a assistance animal identifies and screens for potential diseases that can compromise a assistance animal's ability to perform their essential job functions. We also assess the effectiveness of the human-animal partnership through specific task-training evaluation, command-obedience evaluation, and handler-animal interaction evaluation.