We guide, educate, and advocate for those who depend on assistance animals for daily support. As handlers and subscribers, it's important that you know your rights and understands the responsibilities that come with owning an assistance animal. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary knowledge to foster, empowered, informed, and responsible handlers. Our veterinarian consultants provide evaluations and training for animals being considered for assistance needs. We work to provide guidance for real-world situations and ensure your service animal and the general public's health and safety.


  • Additional education for you to be an empowered, informed, and responsible handler

  • Definition of the type of assistance animal prescribed for you by your healthcare provider

  • Guidance to help you understand your assistance animal and your legal rights of access

  • Education on traveling requirements for you and your assistance animal

  • Resources to guide you on fair housing accommodations for you and your assistance animal

  • Guidance on your assistance animal’s preventive care schedule and overall medical needs

  • Guidance on your assistance animal’s temperament, behavior, and training needs

  • Evaluate and recommend training needs and veterinary medical care on an annual and biannual schedule

  • Guide you in developing an emergency preparedness plan specifically for your assistance animal