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Handlers & Subscribers

We guide, educate and advocate for those who depend on assistance animals daily. As a handler it is important to know the type of assistance animal prescribed and the rights of access to reduce the potential to commit service dog fraud due to misinformation. It is also important for the handler to have a well-trained assistance animal especially if it will have increased public access.

Our veterinary consultants focus on supporting individuals using assistance animals. Our consultants provide veterinary oversight and guidance to the handler for their assistance animal. It is important to speak with our expert veterinary consultants so they can address the health and welfare of the assistance animal. Our veterinary consultants will provide sound professional guidance and advice to the handler of the assistance animal.


How our consultations help:
  • We provide additional education for you to be an empowered, informed and responsible handler

  • We provide the definition on the type of assistance animal prescribed for you by your healthcare provider

  • We provide guidance to help you understand of your assistance animal and your legal rights of access

  • We provide guidance on traveling requirements for you and your assistance animal

  • We provide resources to guide you on fair housing accommodations for you and your assistance animal

  • We provide guidance on your assistance animal’s preventive care schedule and overall medical needs

  • We provide guidance on your assistance animal’s temperament, behavior and training needs

  • We evaluate and recommend training needs and veterinary medical care on an annual and biannual schedule

  • We guide you in developing an emergency preparedness plan specifically for your assistance animal


We want to work with you. Contact us so we can know your story and we will design a program that helps you be a better assistance animal handler.