Assistance Animal Accommodation Requests

How does the Assistance Animal Accommodation Request and Review Process Work?

We help pet-friendly property managers and housing providers manage residents' pets and assistance animals (service animals/emotional support animals/companion animals/etc.) Our online screening reduces risk by having a standardized process when dealing with household pets and assistance animals. We evaluate risks through a screening, where we calculate information about the animal from the owner such as, but not limited to, breed, pictures, weight, age, sex, vaccination records, behavioral history, and more. This evaluation can help manage and streamline reasonable accommodation requests. 

When a Requester (animal owner) submits a reasonable accommodation request for housing, the request goes through a comprehensive legal review process that adheres to HUD and FHAct guidelines, and the Assistance Animals Consulting team provides housing providers their determination when the review is complete and will provide documentation regarding the assistant animal's health & wellness.

  • "Assistance Animals" is all-encompassing (service animals/ESAs/companion animals/etc.). In our assistance animal screening program, when an animal owner (Requester) is submitting a reasonable accommodation request, he/she selects their animal type: Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal consistent with the HUD/FHAct guidelines.

  • Our Assistance Animal Review Team is led by Dr. Rhesa Houston and Dr. Kandace Jordan.
    We provide assistance animal screening services and online consultations. 


  • During the review process, our Assistance Animal Review Team contacts the support animal owner’s (Requester) third-party health care provider to validate the document’s authenticity. Our Assistance Animal Review Team never inquires about the specific nature of a disability.

We provide property owners peace of mind with our assistance animal screening program, and we also provide guidance to animal owners (Requesters) with resources and online consultations to document their assistance animals. 

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